Setting up Mail (MX Record) for your domain while using Sitelutions DNS.
Posted by Trey T on 03 January 2013 10:07 PM

Setting up Mail (MX Record) for your domain while using Sitelutions DNS.

If you are using Sitelutions DNS, setting up mail routing for your domain is simple.


First, you must have a mail server accepting mail for your domain name.  This is a server that is either provided by your ISP or that you are running on your home broadband connection.  This server must accept mail on port 25 (SMTP).  We recommend that you have some system administration experience before attempting to run your own mail server.  We cannot provide general system administration support to our users.


First you need to set up a DNS "A" record for your mail server.  For the example we'll set to be the SMTP server for your domain,  To set everything up, go to the Sitelutions URL & DNS Control Center.

  • If you have not done so already, create a hostname entitled "mail" under the domain name ""  To do this, find the "Add Hostname" box below your domain name, enter "mail" (no quotes) and click "Add Host."
  • Note: You do not need an MX record for "" since mail will not be sent to  You only need an MX record for since mail will be sent to
  • Once the host has been created, click "DNS Wizard" next to the "mail' record. 
  • Select "Add Record" under A Records -- "Point to the IP address of the mail server. (You may point this to your Sitelutions Space Account if you're using Sitelutions mail)"
  • Click Continue
  • Confirm addition of the record by clicking "Finish.
  • Now you must create an MX record for
  • To create this MX record,  click on "DNS Mail Wizard" next to the [root domain] hostname for
  • Select the first option if you are using your own mail server or the second if you are using your Sitelutions Space Account. (Both use a DNS 'MX' Record)
  • Click continue, and enter -- NOTE THE DOT after .com!  It's very important that you include a trailing dot after your domain name.
  • Enter a suggested TTL (time-to-live) of 600 seconds (just enter 600).
  • Click "Finish" to confirm addition of the record.

You are now done creating your MX record for your domain.  Note that it may take global DNS resolvers a period of time to flush old cached DNS information for your domain.  Typically, this takes less than 24-48 hours.  If mail for your domain still does not work after 24-48 hours, please contact support.

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